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Leevers Locavore Assistant Manager

Leevers Locavore Northside, 2630 W 38th Avenue, Denver, Colorado, United States of America Req #80
Friday, July 10, 2020
Step up with a role at Leevers, where our passion is to improve the lives of our employee owners and their neighbors. We understand and serve each store's market with products and prices they value.

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Leevers Locavore
Assistant Manager Job Description

An Assistant Manager at Leevers Locavore is expected to model, support, and teach our Core Values on a Daily Basis.  In addition, they must work with other Assistant Managers and the Store Director to support our 3 keys to success:  Treasure the Customer, Be a Stellar Teammate, and Build the Brand. 

In order to effectively lead others, Assistant Managers are familiar with the Team Member job description.  They work hard to support the Team Members as they work towards achieving our keys to success.  Assistant Managers, under the direction of the Store Director, will be responsible for:

Assistant Managers help Create a stellar team by:
•    Playing a role in the recruitment of talent for our store and our brand, including possibly receiving applications, conducting interviews, and assisting the Store Director in hiring decisions.
•    Welcoming in all new hires, including but not limited to active participation in Team Member onboarding
•    Conducting a well-thought out and supportive training plan.  Whether it’s new hire training, ongoing development, or retraining, assistant managers will be the main source of training in our stores.
•    Provide constant feedback and coaching for the Team Members.  If needed, provide counseling and redirection.
•    Actively seek out Team Members to help develop for potential advancement opportunities.

Assistant Managers Create a Highly Engaged team by:
•    Getting to know the Team Members well and demonstrating interest in their overall well-being.  Learning about interests, talents, goals, and ideas to make Leevers Locavore a great place to work and to shop. 
•    Creating an environment of respect and professionalism for all Team Members and Customers.
•    Creating a fun environment for our Team Members.   Placing an equal emphasis on having fun as we do for working hard.
•    Actively celebrating the successes our Team Members.  Striving to catch them doing something right.
•    Seeking to remove or reduce the obstacles Team Members face trying to get their job done.  Recognizing your role is to remove obstacles, not create them.
•    Understanding the expectation for Assistant Managers is to act as a leader among the employees, setting a positive example through words, non-verbal communication, and actions.
•    Regularly making an effort to develop the team’s product knowledge through tastings, sampling, conversations, meetings, and written communication.
•    Striving to rotate duties when possible in an effort to keep the job fresh and help develop Team Members in a variety of tasks and departments.
•    Actively solicit feedback from the Team Members.  Ask if there is a better way to do things.

Assistant Managers run Great Shifts by:
•    Assessing the needs of the entire store and create a prioritized list of what needs to be accomplished.
•    Determining available Team Members and delegating tasks.
•    Knowing each Team Member’s strengths, opportunities, and preferences to maximize engagement and productivity.
•    Ensuring a clean and safe environment for all Team Members and Customers.
•    Regularly engaging the Crew Members to get status updates, provide feedback, and offer support. 
•    Determining the appropriate level of management involvement based on the Team Member’s needs.  Understanding that different workstyles need different management styles.

Assistant Managers Ensure Future Success by:
•    Creating a plan for the transition from one shift to the next and one day to the next.  Turning it over in a way that you would want to have it turned over to you.
•    Clearly communicating the status of the store through written notes, conversations, and meetings.
•    Monitoring, replenishing, and supporting the entire store on your shift, not just your direct area of responsibility.
•    Ensuring cleanliness and organization are prioritized by the Team Members.
•    Teaching a balance of quality versus quantity, and how critical both are to our success.
•    Making an effort to develop Team Members every single day.
•    Being 100% committed to creating a culture where constant and unyielding improvement is the expectation.

Assistant Managers have additional contributions to the Store, including but not limited to:
•    Performing any necessary administrative functions pertinent to their role or shift.
•    Performing receiving responsibilities.
•    Conducting ordering or leading a team of section owners.
•    Being able to perform any stocking or customer service function that Team Members are expected to perform.
•    Ensuring any inventory best practices are being completed
•    Maintaining all aspects of managing specific departments, which might rotate as the store and company needs determine. 

This is a physically demanding job and you will be asked to potentially perform any operational task in the grocery store.  This includes, but is not limited to:  Stocking, receiving, cashiering, bagging, retrieving carts, warehousing, providing customer service, and cleaning. You will spend most of your time standing or walking on hard surfaces.  You will frequently lift items up to 25 lbs. and occasional lifting of items up to 50 lbs. is required. You will place items low, high, and everywhere in between.  You will experience repetitive movements, kneeling, crouching, reaching, and twisting.  You will work in a variety of temperatures ranging from very warm to very cold.  Often, you will work in both climate environments within a short period of time.   You will need to maneuver a hand truck with up to 200 lbs. of products and do so in a safe manner.  You will be required to work a variety of shifts, including the possibility of early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and holidays. You will perform your tasks while being nice to your fellow Team Members and to the customers and operating with integrity.   Other duties, responsibilities and activities may change or be assigned at any time with or without notice.  Created 8/5/18.

Leevers Supermarkets Inc. is an equal opportunity at will employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of age, race, religion, color, disability, sex, sexual orientation or national origin.

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  • Pay Type Hourly
  • Leevers Locavore Northside, 2630 W 38th Avenue, Denver, Colorado, United States of America